Get ready, you guys, because one of our all-time favorite OG Nickelodeon shows may be coming back. Yeah, brace yourselves people — we’re talking about Zoey 101! There have been rumors circulating the web for weeks that the network was planning a reboot for the epic series, and now, Paul Butcher just gave us the update we’ve all been waiting for.

“I can’t necessarily confirm, but just connect the dots is all I’m going to say,” he told TooFab on Monday, August 5. “Things are looking good. I’m definitely interested. I know a lot of people are interested. We have talked to people about it. Nothing is confirmed yet, but things look good.”

OMG. WE’RE SCREAMING. As fans know, Jamie Lynn Spears already said she’d be so down to star in the reboot.

“Yo, @nickelodeon have your people call my people #Zoey101,” the blonde beauty wrote on Instagram, alongside a series of screenshots of articles questioning whether or not the show would be returning.

Oh, and did we mention that the cast all got together on July 30? Yep, they got together for one of the most epic reunions we ever did see, and it fueled rumors even more. Paul, Sean FlynnErin SandersVictoria JusticeChristopher MasseyDan Schneider (the shows creator), Jack Salvatore and Abby Wilde were all there. And seeing them all together again brought on some major nostalgia.

“Some Zoey 101 buzz got me talking with my good friend Sean Flynn… and within about 72 hours, this happened! I’m not sure how I feel about my new glasses, but that was one of the most fun nights ever. A wonderful cast of kids then, and even better all grown up! Much love/respect for all of you!” Dan wrote on Instagram.

“This is family. This is childhood. This is a home we created,” Paul shared.

“Was great catching up,” Rio wrote.

And although Jamie couldn’t make it because she was in Atlanta, she was definitely missed! The actress shared a video that her costars sent her during their get together, and our hearts were seriously bursting.

“Not only did I miss the reunion, but I also missed the FaceTime because I’m lame and fell asleep,” she wrote. “Thank y’all for the video and hope to see y’all very soon.”

Victoria reposted it, writing, “This video makes me so happy. Zoey 101 was such a big part of my life and I have memories with these people that will last a lifetime. Reuniting with them all last night was really something special. There were moments where we were all laughing and I would look around at all their faces and just smile. Because it really felt like nothing had changed. Like I was a teenager again filming this show that changed my life and touched so many people.”

We may or may not be crying right now. This reboot seriously needs to happen, like, now.

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