Zoey 101 star Matthew Underwood is being hailed a hero after he rescued a 4-month-old baby from a car crash yesterday. The child's parents were found unconscious in the front and back seat. The story is super shocking and Matthew spilled what happened, step-by-step to TMZ. He not only reveals that there were others around helping get all three of the people to safety but really praises the first responders who were on the scene.

Mathew explained, "I was assuming somebody had a heart attack and then when I walked up to the car I saw the person in the front seat, I thought that must have been them, they were slouched over. And then I looked in the backseat and I saw somebody else was in the backseat slouched over and I thought there's no way.

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And then I heard the baby crying and I didn't even get a chance to assess, I couldn't even think about it, ran around, grabbed the baby out of the car which at first, I didn't know how to take a car seat out and then I realized it wasn't even strapped in. I was like, at least thank goodness I could get it out quickly but like who does that?…And then my brother was running up to the front and he called 9-1-1…I'm just happy I was there, we pulled over, there were more people pulled over and my brother calling 9-1-1 and the officer there was a true hero.

The officer giving those two people CPR when they both stopped breathing at the same time just felt so 'Iron Man' to me. And I'm really happy that we live in a place where we have police officers like that, that can do that. We're the first responders in our community before the first responders can get there, somebody's got to call 9-1-1, somebody's got to you know help out and get them in a position where he's safe before the police can get there. So I'm just you know, being a citizen."

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Wow! While this was super amazing and he was quick to put his thoughts into actions in a tough situation, Matthew has a point. We need more people like him in this world who are willing to just be stand up citizens and not look for recognition. He did the right thing and it's pretty cool that he's able to share his story with the world.

Celebrities have such a huge platform to speak on and lots of times they don't use it to praise and give thanks to police officers and first responders that save lives every day. Matthew is bringing awareness to their jobs and what these people actually do on a daily basis.

We have a feeling his Zoey 101 co-stars would be super proud of him!

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