Baby Ariel and Jace Norman are gearing up for the release of their Nickelodeon movie, Bixler High Private Eye – and it’s safe to say they had a blast working together on the film. We caught up with Baby Ariel at Sims Camp 2018, where she teamed up with Sims 4 in celebration of the launch of their new extension pack, Get Famous. And of course, she gushed all about what it was like working on the movie with Jace. Turns out, Ariel actually knew going into the audition that the 18-year-old Henry Danger star would be the leading role.

“I got called in for an audition. I worked really hard on it because it was Nickelodeon [and] I knew it was with Jace. I was like, OK I really want to do this. So I went in. The first audition, it was just me and, you know, everybody from Nickelodeon. They had me come in again to read with Jace. We just read together very, very well. And I felt good about it – but I was like, I’m not going to get my hopes up. And then, we were calling and texting my manager for the next 24 hours – and I think two days later, we found out that I got it! She called me, and she said, ‘OK, hi you got the part!’ And just totally lost it. I was so happy,” Ariel exclusively tells J-14.


The 17-year-old social media star went on to explain how the process was extra special for her, considering it’s her first full movie project ever.

“And the whole process was amazing because I love acting. I love movies so much. So to be able to be in a movie and act in one and work with such great people who knew it was my first time doing a full movie, and so they made me feel very comfortable and they helped me through the entire process and it was great,” she spills.

If you’re wondering what a day on set with Ariel and Jace was like – well, there was a whole lot of laughter!

“Jace and I had the most scenes together, so like throughout the day we were together no matter what. And between each scene, we were laughing the entire time. We’d have lunch together, and go back and film like five more scenes. We’d be cracking up the whole time, running lines.”

We can’t wait to see the upcoming Nickelodeon movie!

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