Two of our favorite shows are about to come together for what will probably be the most iconic crossover in history. That’s right, the world of Knight Squad and the world of Henry Danger are about to collide! And you won’t have to wait long to see the results because get this, guys — the crossover episode is coming THIS. WEEKEND. That’s right folks, we’re just days away from seeing our favorite characters together on screen! SCREAMING.

Seeing Arc and Ciara interacting with Henry, Jasper and Ray will seriously be a dream come true. And lucky for us, we got a sneak peak of the episode! Nickelodeon shared a teaser for the episode to their Instagram on Wednesday, January 30, and ugh, it looks like it’s seriously going to be epic.

“This episode is a crazy episode,” Sean Ryan Fox said in the trailer. “We’ve got Knight Squad coming in from another dimension. Two dimensions colliding.”

The trailer was pretty intense, but personally, our favorite part was Ciara and Arc’s reaction to Schwoz. The Knight Squad characters were a little freaked out by him, and they even referred to him as evil troll! We mean, although we all know that Schwoz is definitely not a troll, we’d probably be a little alarmed too if we met him without seeing the show.

“Working on the Henry Danger set is a lot of fun,” Daniella Perkins gushed in the trailer.

And her costar had just as much fun. “Yeah it’s awesome ’cause you see it on TV and then we actually get to be in it and act in it and hang out with our friends,” Owen Joyner added. “It’s a lot of fun.”

As a mater of fact, Danielle and Owen told J-14 exclusively at SlimeFest 2018 that if they could star in any other current Nickelodeon show, it would be Henry Danger! So it looks like their dream is finally becoming a reality.

As fans of the Nickeldeon shows know, Henry Danger is all about a boy named Henry who’s secretly a sidekick to a superhero. Knight Squad, on the other hand, is all about Arc and Ciara’s journey to becoming knights. Since both shows revolve around magic, we definitely see how the two worlds could collide!

The episode will air on Saturday, February 2, at 8 p.m. PST/5 p.m. EST.

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