When it comes to fan-favorite Nickelodeon shows, Henry Danger is at the top of everyone's lists – which is why many fans are dying to know if the show will continue on for another season. J-14 caught up with leading actor Jace Norman, and he confirmed that, no, it is not yet canceled. However, that doesn't mean another season is guaranteed.

"We are on Season 4. We have about two more episodes to film and then we don't know about Season 5 yet. This could be the last season, it could not be," the Nickelodeon star exclusively told J-14. "We're not sure yet."

As for what we can expect from the Season 4 finale, Jace himself isn't sure how it will come to an end until the script is in his hands.

"We actually haven't even shot the series finale. That's the next episode, so I have no idea until I read the script. We get it the morning of, when we start rehearsing. So, I feel like a lot people think I got the inside on everything. I literally read the scripts the morning we start rehearsing," he told us. "It's a surprise for me just like [fans]. I'm just getting it a little bit earlier."

If the current season is, in fact, the last one – Jace hopes that it wraps up with some closure.

"I definitely hope that if this is our last season, we can do a nice finale. I know that Victorious did not get one, and fans got kind of upset," Jace added. "I hope we're able to, but it is what it is."

But there's no need to worry. Even though Henry Danger could ~possibly~ come to an end somewhat soon, that doesn't mean that Jace will disappear from acting. Despite the fact that he is currently branching out to pursue a career in business and entrepreneurship, acting is still something he has no intentions of quitting.

"Acting is a passion of mine. I love it," Jace went on to say. "I'm definitely going to continue acting as I go on."

As for whether or not he'll return to Nickelodeon once Henry Danger wraps, time will tell.

"I'm young and I just spent four years at Nickelodeon, so I'm not necessarily missing it right now, but I love Nickelodeon and it's been literally a dream come true, so I'm not opposed to it."

Phew – that's a relief! Well, here's to hopping a lot more Henry Danger is in store.

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