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Little Mix has been teasing their new song, "Hair," all week — and it was worth the wait! This track is the perfect breakup anthem. The beat is on point, the melody is catchy, and the lyrics are everything you'd want to say to a bad ex-boyfriend. So obviously everyone is wondering: is this track about Zayn Malik?

With lyrics like "He was just a **** and I knew it/Got me going mad sat in this chair/I don't care/Gotta get him out my hair" and "I've tried everything but it's useless/He pushed me so far, now I'm on the edge/Make him disappear," it would definitely make sense if they were inspired by Zerrie's wretched split.

The song also makes references to switching up your hair, which is something that the Bradford Bad Boy is known for.

Either way, Little Mix is making it clear that they're having an amazing time as a #GirlSquad, no boys necessary. The band posted a fun little snippet of themselves jamming along in a hotel room to their new song, and it basically just feels like you're going on a sleepover with them.

What do you think about "Hair"? Is it about Zayn? Let us know in the comments!

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