Loren Gray and her new boyfriend Geo, also known as Flamingeos or Juwany Roman, just confirmed their relationship a little over a week ago but it seems like things have already taken a violent turn. Geo posted a Snapchat video that explained it all and to be honest, the details are a bit frightening!

Reportedly, the couple was casually hanging out when Geo actually got into a brawl with a much older man. He claims, "I just got into a fight with a GROWN A– guy. Oh, man. The amount of disrespect. All I am going to say is that the guy was like 40-years-old. Grown a– dude." Geo even shared a photo of the bruises on his face!

geo fist fight

But, it didn't end there. The police were called and Geo also took videos of them talking to witnesses. The whole thing seems pretty messy and now fans are super worried about Loren!

She was forced to turn her comments off on Instagram when she was bombarded with messages about how her new love is a bad influence. Yikes…

Loren actually took to Twitter to explain that her family is happy for her and approves of the relationship. She tweeted:

Details about the fight have not been released yet so there's really no reason for world to assume the worst about Geo. Hopefully, everything gets settled soon because despite this whole debacle, Loren and Geo really do make an adorable couple!

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