Louis Tomlinson got into a Twitter fight with Zayn Malik's mentor and collaborator, Naughty Boy! He totally dissed the producer with a tweet calling him "inconsiderate" and childish, after he tweeted out a video that angered One Direction fans.


It all started when Naughty Boy retweeted a video saying that he "saved" Zayn.

Then, Louis wrote his scathing diss.

louis tomlinson naughty boy tweet

The DJ thought that Tommo was talking about a long-ago tweet referencing "Zaughty," but Louis clarified that he was actually talking about the video — and defending Directioners.

Then, he responded by shading the 1D singer and teasing that "time will tell the real story."

He also dropped a demo from the Bradford Bad Boy, trying to get the last word.

Meanwhile, Louis just tried to move on.

Even though it was a very sassy response, we appreciate the sentiment. The singer was just trying to support his fans — it really shows how much he loves them.

Do you think that Louis' response was appropriate? Was Naughty Boy being rude? Tell us in the comments!

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