After all this time apart, is it possible that Louis Tomlinson is looking to reignite his relationship with Eleanor Calder? It seems to be that the One Direction singer is slowly trying to make his way back into her life after following her on Instagram again.

The Sun is reporting that Louis apparently reached out to his ex after he broke things off with actress Danielle Campbell just weeks ago, and a month after his mother passed away. Apparently the feeling is mutual and Eleanor wants to be there for him too since a source told them that, “Louis has had a rough ride the past few months and Eleanor wants him to know she is there if he needs anybody to talk to."

“They were together for a number of years and Louis feels he can rely on her,” the source said.

Upon checking both of their Instagram accounts, it looks like Louis is following her, which is sort of a big deal since he only follows 156 people.

louis eleanor

He is also listed in her followers list:

louis eleanor 2

It looks like even though the source said she's reached out to him as well, she has not done so on social media because she is not currently following the "Just Hold On" singer on IG after unfollowing him soon after their split.

louis eleanor 3

The two have a lot of history together since they were together for so long. She was a bridesmaid in his mom’s wedding, so it would make sense for him to be leaning on her for support since she was close to the family. They broke up in March 2015, after being together for four years after Harry Styles introduced them.

Things have changed a lot since they ended their relationship, not only with 1D going on an indefinite hiatus, but also Louis is now the father to one-year-old Freddie Tomlinson. In 2015 the news broke out that he would become a father since Briana Jungwirth was pregnant with his child — just months after the Eleanor breakup.

He was seen with Danielle just months after on a date and the couple began dating seriously for a year, until just this month it came out that they had separated.

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