Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder really have come full circle. They were just kids when they first started dating but they were so adorable. Everyone loved them together, like literally everyone. The pair were so cute but unfortunately called it quits. Now after they have grown up, dated other people and Louis has become a father, Eleanor has found her way back to him. In light of his solo success and the co-parenting he's doing with the mother of his child, Briana Jungwirth, Eleanor holds that special place in his heart. And he's not afraid to tell anyone.

Most recently, he debuted a brand new tattoo for his girl. It's a simple capital letter 'E' and it's on his hand, a place he couldn't unsee even if he wanted to. The average person uses their hands a lot during the day but just think about how much Louis uses them. I mean, he's holding a microphone up to his face. That 'E' will always be staring at him directly in the face whether he's on tour, in rehearsal or in performing at various gigs.

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The One Direction cutie has yet to officially comment on the new ink and making his relationship with Eleanor permanent, but he did put it on Instagram. He slyly made no reference to it even though it was in clear vision. Louis captioned the shot, "Coming soon @highsnobiety @atipw @alexdemora @kappa_kontroll @sophiecasha."

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Aww! The art is absolutely stunning. It kind of symbolizes their relationship, to be honest. It's more than just the initial of the first letter of Eleanor's name. It's not big and over the top but it's there for everyone to see and that's exactly how these two are. They are in a relationship that is in the spotlight but they aren't flashy. They don't purposely go places where the paparazzi would be. They have been photographed together on just a handful of occasions since getting back with each other but he can't stop gushing about her.

In a recent interview, Louis said, "There's a couple of songs that me and my girlfriend really like that'll never be used for anything, so they're kind of just for us. That's really nice. A lot of the album's about her, really. I wanted to make the album feel chronological, because that's how I wrote it. You can hear my journey as an individual over these three years — leaving the band, then going out on to the really crazy party scene, and then I've kind of ended up full circle back with Eleanor, who I love dearly."

So, now that we're completely dead we will just continue processing his cute AF tattoo for the love of his life. WHERE can we find a guy like Louis?

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