Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth welcomed their son Freddie Tomlinson into the world at the end of January 2016 and the One Direction fandom gained one more family member. Now that Freddie is just a few months away from turning two-years-old, we can’t believe how much he’s grown up. Not only that, but we are totally shook over how much he looks like Louis. His eyes, his nose and even his mouth when it curls into a soft smile resemble the “Just Hold On” singer and it’s absolutely adorable.

Watch the video below and check out how big Freddie looks in a new photo of him!

Okay, we’re screaming. Freddie is becoming one of the cutest toddlers ever and we have a feeling he’s only going to continue looking more and more like Louis as time goes on. Louis recently spoke about their resemblance and proved that we aren’t the only ones who recognized it. He spoke to Matt and Mike at Key 103 Live and said, “When I look back to baby photos of myself and he does look very similar it’s real nice, and he’s at a good age at the moment so it’s really fun.”

While Louis usually shys away from posting pictures of the babe, Briana isn’t afraid to show him off. With every new picture she posts, fans can see a different side of Freddie’s budding personality. Briana shared another Instagram shot with Freddie yet this time they were in matching outfits and it’s literally cuteness overload. All black everything is the name of the game now and even though Freddie may have the same facial features as his daddy, his style swag definitely comes from his mama! And those sneaks, THOUGH. Freddie is legit fierce especially standing next to Briana whose sporting the all black look as well. #TWINNING.

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Before reaching the age of two, Freddie has great style, loves swimming in Hawaii, walking on his own and making everyone around him smile with that infectious laugh.

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