The girl that was involved in the incident at LAX with Louis Tomlinson has decided to press charges after he allegedly punched her in the face and is now telling her side of the story. Ana Becerra was speaking to TMZ when she revealed that the whole confrontation started when Eleanor Calder, Louis' girlfriend, approached her and tried to take away her cellphone.

According to Ana, Eleanor said to her, "Are you filming me, b*tch?" and that is when their altercation started. "We were just waiting for our ride and we saw people taking pictures. I see them running and the girl [Eleanor] got all crazy, she was running. I grabbed my phone but I was sitting down with my wife and I grabbed the phone when she just rushed and grabbed me and was fighting for my phone so I wasn't going to let her get my phone," she said and that is when Louis ran toward them.

"I saw the guy from One Direction just punch me in my face and that is when everybody started getting all scandal—securities, police, more people came. When he punched me I actually wear glasses, so when he punched me and he broke my glasses so I think that is why all this part hurts," she said as she pointed at the top of her left eye.

After speaking to the police the girl decided to press charges on the 1D singer. "I don't think it is right for a guy to hit a woman at all," she said.


"And for the fact that I never did [nothing] to him. The fans are saying that obviously, he is going to defend her because it's his girlfriend. My wife never put hands, she never slapped, she never punched, she tried to separate us. She never physically threw punches or nothing and she is a woman to a woman, so why would a guy come up to me and punch me? If he would have separated us like 'hey, get away' like that is different."

"I went to the hospital and I got some scans. I got a concussion. I get really, really bad headaches. I couldn't sleep for two days. First of all because of the long airplane ride and then with all that and getting all that hate from the harassment going on from the fans."

She said the next morning she started receiving threating messages from the singer's fans on Facebook after a fan found her account.

"I think someone, the first person who found my Facebook, she tagged, she put it up there so after that 2,000 something messages just throwing in 'we're going to kill you, we're going to find you, you're going to jail, why are you doing this?'"

"They started sending messages to my family and my mom, that is when I was like 'Are you serious? They have nothing to do with this.'"

Yikes! This situation is so unfortunate and it is sad to see that the girl was injured during the scuffle. She shared photos with the outlet of the injuries she reportedly got during the attack and is saying she plans to pursue legal action because men should never hit women.

It is sad to see that she has been receiving so much hate from people on social media, as no one needs additional stress while trying to recover from such a bad situation. We hope this issue gets resolved as soon as possible for all parties involved.

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