Louis Tomlinson is the proud dad to his beloved son Freddie and since the little guy is only a year-and-a-half, he obviously still needs a babysitter. He might already be learning to play guitar or learning to surf but you know, he’s a baby. So of course, everyone wants to know if Louis trusts any of his One Direction bandmates to hang out with the little legend that is Freddie in the instance that the “Back to You” singer is a bit busy and needs a little help. Naturally, you would think he would go with Liam Payne, since Liam is now a dad to his baby son Bear, but alas, Tommo is always the master of surprises. The bandmate he would trust to take of his child is none other than Niall Horan, and the reason why is literally the cutest ever.

“I don’t know who I would least trust to be quite honest because actually, all the boys are quite good with kids, honestly,” Louis said while he was at 92.3 AMP Radio. “I’m going to go off what I’ve seen and I’ve seen Niall with little Theo quite a lot, which is his brother’s baby, so I’m going to go with Niall. Hopefully, he doesn’t let me down in this theoretical plan. I haven’t seen Liam — I’m not saying he’s not great, I’m just going off what I’ve seen!”

OK, so Niall is the most precious uncle ever to his little nephew Theo is what we’re hearing and we know that Louis and Niall hang out a ton, since the “Slow Hands” singer spilled that he and Louis’ Los Angeles pads are actually near each other. So we trust Louis’ assessment of Niall’s babysitting skills.

louis and niall

Liam has been quite busy promoting his solo music lately, so it makes sense Louis hasn’t seen Liam and near together yet, although he admitted he is looking forward to the day Freddie and Bear have a proper playdate. Same Louis, same. But what’s interesting is that Liam revealed in an interview that he would totally choose Louis to watch Bear, simply because Louis is a dad himself, although he doesn’t know if he actually trusts any of the guys!

“That’s a big question! I suppose Louis, since Louis [has a son already]. But he’d be my last choice in my head, that’s the funniest thing! But he’s got to be first because he knows more than any of the rest of them. I couldn’t rely on Harry because I feel that my child would come out dressed in something that I just wouldn’t understand and then with Niall, the kid would be putting golf balls on tees. I think I’ll leave Bear with me, although am I the most trusted?” Liam joked.

Well, the two 1D babies have some options when it comes to finding a babysitter, even if their dads aren’t quite sure how their bandmates will do. We have all the faith.

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