There's one thing no other fandom can take away from Directioners and that is, their loyalty. No matter who it is – Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and even Zayn Malik – they will defend them to the end. They will support them. They will stick up for them and they will literally freak the eff out if anyone publicly disses the boys. An Australian radio host found out just exactly how powerful the One Direction fans are on Twitter after she was completely dragged for calling Louis' facial hair 'ratty.'

One of the hosts, London Ash, was setting up a pre-recorded interview she did with Louis when her co-host, Ash Williams, asked, "So I can get clear, too, because I'm a very visual guy … he's the guy with the smaller face with the short brown hair?" London answered, "Kind of like ratty facial hair." This allowed for some mega hate coming her way. One fan said, "what you guys said about louis was so beyond disrespectful, unprofessional and just flat out disgusting. literally treat people with kindness! i dont understand how thats such a hard concept for some people to grasp! im really disappointed and disgusted."


The whole thing prompted Ash to put out an apology. She said, "I am a music fan. I love that it brings out so much passion in people. This morning on air we had a great interview with Louis. As always – he was a total legend. I loved talking about how far he's come, his new music and his future which looks so bright. We love Louis and we will continue supporting him and his new music as we have always done.
x ash."

She even put her social media channels on private for a bit. Not only were Twitter users calling her a rat but also sending threats her way. It all got to be a bit much. Louis actually chimed in on the controversy and gave Ash a suggestion. He basically said she should keep her social media accounts private for a little while longer, since he knows how fierce the 1D community will come for her. But, he called Ash 'love' in his message so it seems like he's trying to console her amid the hate? Or he's using it sarcastically perhaps?

We'll let you decide what's going on there. But, Ash put out another message explaining why she is going to stay off social media for the time being. She said, "Tough day. A lot of people claiming I said some things which, in reality I simply didn't. What I can apologise for, is describing the quality of someone's facial hair in a light hearted chat with my two co hosts. For that I'm sorry. All the other stuff? Simply not true. Not me.

I'll be off socials for a bit – the abuse and threats are a little much for me right now. I won't go on private because I don't have anything to hide. In future I'll do what I always do – stick to the music and leave any mentions of facial hair out of it. X."

If there's one thing we learned from all of this is, don't mess with the One Direction fandom. Don't even playfully describe the way any of the boys look in what could be seen in a negative way. Directioners will come at you and you'll soon be history.

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