Louis Tomlinson released his first solo single "Just Hold On" just days after his mother, Johannah Deakin, passed away following a brave battle with Leukemia. Not only did Louis drop the song at such a vulnerable time but he also performed the track live on the X-Factor with his collaborator Steve Aoki.

Ever since then, Louis has been kind of laying low on the music front – or so it seems. The One Direction crooner has been caught out and about with his rekindled flame Eleanor Calder, hanging out with his son Freddie Tomlinson and going back and forth with Niall Horan on social media. Now, fans are finally getting to see what's happening on the musical side of things.

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Louis and Eleanor have been spending the past few weeks in his hometown of Doncaster shooting the music video for "Just Hold On." A source told The Sun that the video will follow him around his town, places he grew up and specific places that he has real memories at. It will be shot at locations that have real meaning to Louis and his family.

The source also said, "Louis wanted to shoot the video in his hometown as it means a lot to him and he has a lot of memories there. He went around various locations and regularly changed outfits. The video will show Louis walking through the places he holds dear. It’s going to be a really emotional video."

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Cue the waterworks! While there's no exact date about when the video will be released, we can already tell that it's going to be one of a kind. Not only was Louis super close with his mom, but he's also very close to his family and his roots. Louis takes the relationships he has in his life very seriously, including his current romantic relationship with Eleanor. The two fizzled out back in 2015, but now look happier than ever. They were caught laughing and giggling together in Doncaster in between takes of the music video shoot. There's no telling whether or not she'll make a cameo in the video but to be honest, we have a feeling she's going to let this one be about him, his family, his music and the memories. But, hey, who knows that would make for one epic video – Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik better watch their backs.

Besides working on the video, Louis just confirmed that he's in the midst of working on his solo album. Because he is so private with his life, again no one was quite sure what was going on. It's quite possible he could have just released his solo single and been done with all of this for awhile.

However, he recently tweeted, "Got another song back that I've written the other day. Can't wait for you guys to hear …. album coming along nicely !"

You go, Louis! We can't wait to hear what the album brings and even more so this impending music video. We have a feeling that this video may be one of the most emotional things Louis has ever done in the public eye.

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