Louis Tomlinson's bid to purchase his hometown soccer team may have fallen through, but he's taking control of his latest side gig — and is creating his own company! The One Direction singer recently registered a business called 78 Productions Limited in the UK.


While there are no other details about his latest endeavor, rumor has it that he's focusing on the music industry. (He's been following a lot of unsigned bands on Twitter lately.)

The name is apparently a reference to his grandparents' house number, which he also has tattooed on his chest.

Louis is obviously committed to 1D, but we think it's awesome that he's expanding his reach in the music industry, especially since he's always supporting up-and-coming acts.

Could he be the next Simon Cowell? We'll have to wait and see. But it definitely sounds like a fun project while the band takes a break between recording albums.

What do you think Louis' company will do? Are you excited that he's starting a new project? Tell us in the comments!

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