At this point, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t a huge fan of Riverdale.

It seems like everyone is obsessed with the show, and is patiently waiting for a trailer or even some stills that would give fans an idea of what’s to come for season two.

Until then, everyone can rest easy knowing that there tons of celebs out there who are equally as obsessed with the show, including Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale.

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The actress took to Twitter to show fans she was procrastinating in the best way possible – by taking a quiz to let her know what character of the CW series she was most like.

It all started with a tweet that read, “Me: "I've got a million things to get done." Me: "let me go do the quiz that tells me which Riverdale character I am.”

In all honesty, who hasn’t done something like that even though there are a million and one things to be done? We can totally relate, Luce.

The next question on everyone’s mind was what exactly the result of the quiz was. Was she like Betty? Veronica? Maybe even Cheryl or Jughead? More importantly, would the actress share the answer with her six million followers?

Well, of course she would! Lucy followed up her first tweet with another that included a picture of her result, and surprise, surprise – she got Veronica Lodge! Her reaction to that? “I'll take it !”

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Although she didn’t say whether or not Veronica was her favorite character on the show, we have a feeling she just might be based on her reaction to the quiz results.

Now what would be totally awesome and would make this all come full circle, was if Lucy somehow found a way to be a guest-star in season two. After all, she will be starring in a new series that is also on the CW so it wouldn't be hard to get her on a show from the same network.

Maybe she can be a member of Veronica's extended family. How crazy would that be?

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