The final episodes of Pretty Little Liars are finally upon us. Although the cast has already said goodbye to the beloved town of Rosewood, that doesn’t mean they can’t share a few fun spoilers with fans that are desperate to know what will become of the most stylish liars ever.

Lucy Hale recently dropped some major deets about her character, Aria during an interview with The Huffington Post and what she had to say definitely has fans thinking her character could be revealed as Uber A/ A.D.

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The final ten episodes will see a much darker side to Aria, “She does some crazy stuff. It puts everything at stake ― it puts her friendships, her relationships at stake ― and there are times when you’re like, ‘Whose side is she on?’” she said.

“The board game plays a big part in the last nine episodes. Obviously, all of the girls will get a turn and it puts them in very uncomfortable situations ― life-or-death situations. And, Aria, it really pits her against the girls. For the first time it’s little Aria against the rest of them, so things get weird,” Lucy continued to say.

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Could it be that Aria has something to do with Uber A? It’s a theory that fans have put out there since the pilot episode, and since anything can really happen on this show – it wouldn’t be too crazy to assume.

Knowing it was one of their friends behind everything bad thing that’s happened to them would be a total shock to viewers and the liars themselves. It would change everything between them and not in a good way, that’s for sure.

Of course we’re going to have to watch until the final episode to find out who the big A actually is, but how insane would it be if it turned out to be one of the girls we’ve been following since day one?

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