Warning: Spoilers ahead. Since Pretty Little Liars: Summer School premiered, the girls have not been able to catch even a ~summer~ break thanks to a murderous urban legend called Bloody Rose. In episode 6: “Chapter Sixteen: Hell House,” the rose-loving killer was finally unveiled, but are the girls’ troubles really over? Knowing PLL, we doubt it.

Keep reading to uncover who Bloody Rose is.

‘Pretty Little Liars: Summer School’ Episode 6 Recap

The villain of this season initially emerged as an urban myth intertwined with the notorious deeds of Angie Waters and Archie Waters (from season 1). Reciting her name five times in front of a mirror at 12:01 AM is said to summon her, but only if the mirror reflects Angela Waters’ gaze. So far, Bloody Rose has killed several people, including Sabrina Hooper, Nick Brody and Sandy Quinn.

In episode 6, Bloody Rose also claimed yet another victim — Pastor Malachi, which ultimately rules him out as a suspect.

Along with Bloody Rose looming over the Liars’, episode 6 delved into the enigmatic “Redemption House” production by Our Mother of Holy Grace. The episode unveils the church’s cult-like atmosphere and extreme religious beliefs, shedding light on the mystery that has been unfolding since episode 1.

Our Mother of Holy Grace rented Imogen’s old house for the production, and it’s later revealed that “Redemption House” was made to recreate the girls’ past traumas — including Chip assaulting Imogen and Tabby, Noa’s mother buying drugs and Imogen’s mother’s suicide.

Who Is Bloody Rose?

It’s finally revealed that Bloody Rose is Imogen’s mom … but is it?

Imogen, Tabby, Faran, Mouse, and Noa donned Christian’s horror masks to infiltrate “Redemption House” and confront the churchgoers, seeking revenge for the church exploiting their traumas. As they scared the attendees, Imogen stumbled upon a note from Bloody Rose in her mother’s room, triggering a confrontation. Imogen unmasked Bloody Rose, revealing her to be her own mother, leading to a shocking revelation for the group.

While Bloody Rose’s identity may have been unveiled, the possibility of multiple incarnations of Bloody Rose persists, a prevalent theory among fans. Furthermore, it’s evident that she commands a network of collaborators.

Naturally, with two episodes left, there are undoubtedly more surprises in store.

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