Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea Rodriguez have had a bit of a rocky relationship and new rumors about them might just make it even worse for the couple. A Twitter account that focuses on exposing celebrity drama is reporting a rumor that the social media star cheated on the 5 Seconds of Summer singer this past month at Coachella.

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The account Messy Monday is alleging that she cheated on Luke with singer Blackbear, and said she left Luke at the festival to go be with her new fling. got a screenshot of a photo Blackbear posted in which he tagged Arzaylea on the lower half of his body that he quickly deleted. As soon as fans caught wind of this rumor, they began doing their own research and saw that there were photos of them wearing the same pants, as well as him supposedly leaving comments on her photographs on social media.

Since the beginning of their romance, there were mixed signals about them from 5 Seconds of Summer fans. She was once accused of leaking screenshots and photos to fans and she even had to defend herself in an interview and said she was just another girl.

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"[Luke's fans] want me to be this really horrible person. But I'm not. I'm just a really normal girl who just happens to date someone not so normal. It's really hard for people to grasp the idea that I'm a human and that I have feelings. I love music, I love bands. I'm so much like [Luke's fans], and they have no idea," she told the magazine.

Arza could have been addressing the rumors when she tweeted days later saying, "Three sides to a story."

There is no confirmation about these rumors or anything indicating that the couple has split up but we do hope these allegations are not true, for Luke's sake.

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