Wait a second! Did we just wake up with amnesia or is Luke Hemmings releasing another solo album? The 5 Seconds of Summer member is dishing on what’s to come for his upcoming drop — including a new single.

Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about Luke’s latest project. 

When Does Luke Hemming’s Solo Album ‘Boy’ Come Out?

The Aussie singer’s upcoming album boy will be released on April 26, 2024.

Prior to the album drop, Luke released his single “Shakes” on all music platforms in March.

What Has Luke Hemming’s Said About His Next Album?

While little is known about the vibe of the album, Luke has shared some of the artists he was inspired by!

“I listened to a lot of The Verve, Blur, M83 and Beach House, which is where a lot of the inspiration came from,” he shared with Billboard in March 2024.

He continued, “A lot of how I write for this project is pretty chaotic, so I’ll write a piece here and then won’t write anything for the rest of it for nine months. It turned into a mish mash of a story but it still has that emotion and feeling.”

Luke also explained he spent a lot of time in “sad boy places” in order to write new music.

“I already had a lot of ideas for the album from being on the road, a lot of it was written in hotels and planes and all the sad boy places,” he joked. “That’s where a lot of it came from. The chorus was written in New York, and I was experimenting with pitching my voice, which is why the chorus kind of sounds like me but has other layers of pitched vocals.”

Will 5SOS Members Be Featured in Luke’s New Album?

Since it is a solo album, I wouldn’t have high hopes that Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin will be featured on the record — especially since they haven’t heard any of it!

During the same interview, Luke was asked if the other bandmates have listened to any of his new music. He explained, “I try not to play it for too many people. The whole point is to try and stand on my own two feet, but I will play it for them, for sure.”

Has Luke Hemmings Released Solo Music Before?

This isn’t Luke’s first solo venture as he has already dropped an album and multiple singles. In 2021, the guitarist released his first song, “Starting Line,” alongside with a 12-track album titled When Facing the Things We Turn Away From. 

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