Can you believe it’s been over 10 years since the last Twilight Saga movie, Breaking Dawn — Part 2, was released in theatres?! The film premiered in 2012, concluding the epic love story between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan after welcoming their daughter, the infamous Renesmee. While the choice to CGI Renesmee as a baby in the film was heavily criticized (and hilarious), the older child actress, Mackenzie Foy, felt like perfect casting. So, what is Mackenzie up to now?

Keep reading to see what the actress behind Renesmee is up to now.

Who Did Mackenzie Foy Play In ‘Twilight’?

Mackenzie spoke about her time playing Renesmee — who, in the movie and book series, is imprinted on by Jacob Black after minutes of being born (more on that here) — during an interview with HollywoodLife in 2020.

“I mean I was nine when all of that started so looking back at it, it is really just … I see that I was really, really lucky to be a part of something like that and how unique of an experience that was,” she told the outlet. “The memories I have from that film I will have forever.”

She added, “I have been really lucky and I have met a lot of amazing people through these years who have supported me. I hope that I can create stories and films that really resonate with everyone and means something to everyone.”

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What Is Mackenzie Foy Up to Now?

Following her role in Twilight, Mackenzie went on to star in movies such as The Conjuring, Interstellar, Black Eyed Dog and The Cookie Monster. She also played Clara in the 2018 Disney adaptation of The Nutcracker and the Four Reams and Jo Green in their 2020 adaptation of Black Beauty.

Following her stint on Black Beauty, Mackenzie fell in love with horseback riding. She often posts photos of herself and her horses on social media, and works with The Wild Beauty Spirit foundation, which is dedicated “to bringing wild and domestic horses to people through film, education, rescue,” per their Instagram bio.

And can we expect a sequel to Black Beauty anytime soon?

“I mean no matter what, this moment, this film, is going to be a very standalone and special moment for me personally,” Mackenzie said of a possibility. “But if there was another Beauty film, I would love to do it, [or] another film with horses I would absolutely love to do it.”

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