Maddie Ziegler has been wearing makeup since she was a kid during her Dance Moms days! However, we love when she surprises us with makeup-free selfie every now and then. Keep reading to uncover all the times Maddie ditched her glam.

“I started doing my own makeup when I was six years old,” Maddie told Teen Vogue in August 2022. “So I have continued to grow in terms of my makeup skills, but I love it so much. There’s no rules to makeup, so I think that’s why I also love it so much because you have so much freedom to play and sometimes I think [about] how they say art is subjective. I think that’s the same with makeup. I think that it’s up to your own interpretation and you can do whatever makes you happy.”

Maddie released her second collaboration with Morphe 2 on September 1, 2022 called “Changement.” The collection includes a larger eyeshadow palette, brow and freckle pen, gel liner and brush set.

“So this will be my second collab with Morphe — this time with Morphe 2 — but the first time around, it did really well, so it was cool that they asked me back and to do it with Morphe 2,” she told Teen Vogue. “That line is more targeted towards my age group and it’s more lightweight products that just fit right in for sure.”

She continued to explain that she wanted to make sure this collaboration included a smaller eyeshadow pallet, so it would be easier to travel well and take with you. “I definitely wanted to take it in a different route because in the first collection I had a lot of pastels and bright and light colors. In this collection, I wanted to do deeper tones, something opposite of what I did in the first one.”

And what’s Maddie’s favorite makeup look to do when she’s going out? “Definitely a fun eye. I love to do either a fun pop of color on the eye or a fun graphic liner. So that’s why I am really happy to do both of those things in my collection because that’s actually what I use the most.”

Scroll through our gallery to see all of Maddie’s best makeup-free moments!

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