Have you ever scrolled through your comments on social media and come across a message from someone who had nothing nice to say to you? It hurts
— there’s no doubt about that.

Well, imagine seeing not one mean comment directed towards you, but hundreds of them! For Madison Beer, that’s sadly become her reality. In fact, the singer tells J-14 that she gets so many cruel comments online that there are days when she can’t stop herself from crying hysterically because of it.

“I think being famous makes it harder for people to accept me sometimes,” she confides to J-14. “People are just mean to me every single day online for no
reason and it really hurts.”

For Madison, dealing with online haters is nothing new — it’s unfortunately been part of her life ever since she started putting up YouTube videos back in 2012. “When I first started posting on YouTube, I was bullied a bunch and made fun of,” she recalls to us exclusively.

“A lot of my friends [at the time] were the ones being mean about it, actually — it just kind of sucked. I mean, I’m a really sensitive person so when something affects me, I cry and I’m a baby about it — I cry all the time!”

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And while Madison has since parted ways from those “friends” who taunted her, the mean comments directed at her sadly haven’t gone away over the years.

“Today, I have so many people who still try to bring me down and constantly tell me I’m not good enough,” she reveals to only J-14. “They just say really terrible things to me that nobody should have to hear.”

Because of her experience with online bullying, Madison hopes J-14ers never find themselves in a similar situation where they’re bullied to the point of tears by someone. “I know it’s a really crappy feeling, but remember you’re not alone,” she opens up. “Everyone has to deal with haters in some way or another — they’re everywhere!”

So what’s Madison’s best advice for J-14ers everywhere? “I’ve learned that you can’t let people’s comments get you down,” she explains to us.“If you do, then they win. You have to focus on the good things, block out the bad things and think: I’m having fun. I’m living my dream. If you guys want to make fun of me, that’s your problem! Just remember to hold yourself high and be proud of yourself.”

We couldn’t agree with you more, Madison!

Interview by Lindsey Smith and story by Morgan McMurrin. "Madison Beer: 'I cry all the time!'" originally appeared in the May 2017 issue of J-14.

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