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Madison Beer has her fans shook with the release of her new single "Dead." Not only is it a new sound for the singer, far different than her old work, but some of the lyrics has fans absolutely freaking out. Madison was quite emotional when she released the tune on May 19, and it has since been picking up steam, with fans tweeting their reactions and favorite lyrics.

One of the lines that has everyone talking speaks about an ex-boyfriend who only seeks Madison when he is lonely but then regrets losing her. The line expresses some pretty strong feelings, check it out:

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"You say you can't live without me/So why aren't you dead yet?/Why you still breathing?
If you say you can't live without me/Then why aren't you dead yet?/Why do you say that?"

Before anyone assumes the song is about her boyfriend Jack Gilinsky, it is safe to say it is not since his best friend Jack Johnson reacted to the song with some fire emojis.

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Fans have had some pretty epic reactions to "Dead" on Twitter, with some even getting a retweet from the singer herself. Check out the reactions below.

Listen to the new tune yourself and tweet your favorite lyrics. You might just get an RT from Madison.

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