Madison Beer and Jack Gilinsky can't seem to get their relationship or former relationship, we should say, out of the headlines. In case you were on another planet for the past couple of weeks, Madison and Jack called it quits after an audio tape leaked online exposing a fight between the two. Jack was allegedly emotionally abusive toward Madison for quite some time before they pulled the plug on the entire romance. Weeks later though, Madison is thriving. She was caught packing on the PDA with her bestie Brooklyn Beckham and she's got a new song out called, "Dead."

This single is on track to be one of the several songs on her debut album. Not only is the anthem super catchy, but she looks absolutely beautiful in the music video which dropped this week. Fans believe that the song and the video actually throw shade at Jack and everything they had together.

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The lyrics read, "You could be here, but you're there / You could be anywhere and these days I don't even care no more / You only be showing me love whenever you've had too much / Whatever's been filling your cup, no more."

"You say you can't live without me / So why aren't you dead yet? / Why you still breathing? (why, why?) / And if you say you can't live without me / Then why aren't you dead yet? / Why do you say that?" Hmm…

Okay, so we'll give it to the fans on this one. It DOES sound like she's talking about Jack. Madison admitted that she stayed in the relationship for a long time because she tried to fix Jack and that is clearly a theme here. It's almost like she's saying, in the song, that she wanted the relationship to work out but the other person was too busy partying, hanging with other people and only wanting to be with her when it was convenient. It's talking about how this other person was a liar. That this other person said he needed her so much, he couldn't live without her, but here he actually is now living without her just fine.

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It was in the comments on the YouTube video that the fans really went in on their theory that this whole thing is directed at Jack. One wrote, "I bet f-cking jack Galinsky is having fun reading the comments ,,,,,,at least i got madisons back you fake a– b-tches." Another commented, "So I am guessing this song is about jack." And one fan was super excited Madison was out there strutting her stuff, "YEH BOO SLAY SHOW WHAT UR TOXIC EX WHAT HE LOST????????????."

While Madison may have admitted that the problems between her and Jack had been going on for awhile, it doesn't mean this song is about him or in any way throwing shade at him. She actually admitted what inspired the song and it wasn't her ex, but rather a meme she saw. Madison chatted with MTV and said, "It’s this little boy, and it says ‘When your ex said they couldn’t live without you and you see them breathing’. It’s super funny and I thought it was a really great concept. Singing it and performing it has helped me attach myself more to the song than it just being about a funny photo we saw online."

With that clear, it's still hard to separate the two especially because of everything that has recently happened in her love life. The song may not have been inspired by Jack but there's no reason why she may not have been thinking about him and everything they went through while writing the rest of it.

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