Madison Beer has broken her silence since disturbing audio leaked of her ex-boyfriend Jack Gilinsky verbally attacking her. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Madison wrote a note to the world, expressing her gratitude for the outpouring of support she’s gotten lately during this undoubtedly tough time.

But at the same time, she revealed the heartbreaking truth about her three-year on-and-off relationship with Jack. The audio file that was released was from one year ago, which Jack described as one of the couple’s “lowest points.” Madison stayed with the singer despite the way he was treating her because she felt she could “fix him” before he went off and treated another girl this way.

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She admits that this logic was “foolish” and she hopes that others learn from her mistakes and finds the courage to leave an unhealthy relationship if they too find themselves in this situation.

“It is NEVER okay and I was blinded by love and much too afraid to come out and say anything in fear I would be broken up with/not taken seriously by someone I told. SPEAK UP,” she wrote.

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In an apology statement he shared in Twitter, Jack admitted he felt Madison was the only person he thought could help him through the dark time he was going through when the fight that was recorded took place.

“Madison knew if she didn’t help me overcome my ways and change, no one would, & I would never learn from my mistakes. I’ll never be able to thank her enough for believing in me the way she did during that time,” he wrote.

The sad truth about this whole situation is that both Madison and Jack felt she had to help him change. It shouldn’t have been on her to help her boyfriend become a better person. Only he could help himself be better, and it’s truly heartbreaking to know she was going through that situation that too many people often find themselves in.

Madison was 15 years old when she first met Jack, who was 18 years old at the time, and it was Nash Grier who introduced the pair to each other at a party. Madison is now 18 years old herself and appears to have finally moved on from this relationship. It’s never easy to break away from your first love, but she appears to be in much better spirits now. The songstress let her followers know she is nothing but grateful to everyone who has shown her so much love lately.

And she has nothing but love for fans too.

Madison might be going through a rough patch publicly, but that won’t stop her from seeing the bright side and being a voice for those who might need some uplifting too.

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