Madison Beer and Maggie Lindemann run in the same circles, but their fight recently expanded way beyond their group of friends. The "Unbreakable" singer defended Kesha, tweeting that it "breaks her heart" to see a female musician suffer unjustly. However, Maggie took offense to her comments and separately texted her, saying that she should make these comments to her face. Um, what?!

Now, this is where it gets confusing. Madison posted a tweet along with a screengrab of their text exchange, and then Maggie sassily responded, saying this is why Madison got dropped by her record label. Eventually, Maggie realized her misstep, and apologized for offending people. She wrote a lengthy message, saying it's her own personal experience with her ex-boyfriend, Carter Reynolds, that led her to react so sensitively.

Are you surprised this fight escalated as quickly as it did? Tell us in the comments.

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