Matthew Espinosa's new movie, Be Somebody, officially arrives today! It's his first feature film project, and the web star has a seriously emotional message that he wants viewers to take away from the film. Not only that, but Descendants fans should also be excited because Sarah Jeffery stars in the movie. So what was it like working together? Matthew EXCLUSIVELY spilled the deets with J-14.

"Sarah and I spent a lot of time together and the fact that we had majority of the scenes, that means we had to spend a majority of our days together for like three weeks. And it was fun! She's very genuine, a cool girl and very professional," he told us.

"She kind of helped show me the way on how to do this and that when we were filming. We were joking around a lot, listening to music, going over lines. I remember there were times when I would tell her, 'No we can't listen to music, I'm not fully confident in these lines and I really gotta do it.' She was always like, 'Yeah, of course.' Such a professional about everything."

That's so awesome! Plus, he adds that the fact that they come from two different fandoms is totally awesome.

Matthew continued, "It's really cool to have two worlds and two fanbases come together to create one vision and one goal, which is to be somebody."

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Reporting credit: Jennifer Maldonado and Kristine Hope Kowalski

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