Although she likes to keep the details of her personal life as private as she can, Camila Cabello is 100 percent a woman in love, as she’s been quietly dating British relationship guru Matthew Hussey for quite some time now. She just opened up about their romance for the first time to Marie Claire and it’s safe to say she’s madly in love with the 31-year-old.

“He’s so similar to me. In person, we’re just weird and silly and stupid together. He makes me the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,” Camila gushed. And while everything is all rainbows and sunshine and happy AF, things for the couple didn’t really start out that way. See, when word spread that the 21-year-old “Havana” singer and Matthew were an item back in February — thanks to photos of the pair on vacation in Mexico together coming out — everything seemed fine and dandy. Until summer rolled around and one of Matthew’s former flames, singer Elieve, revealed her truth: apparently, Matthew was dating her and Camila at the same time. OKAY THEN.

Did Matthew cheat on Camila?

Naturally, Camila’s fans came to her defense and many wondered if the dating coach had cheated on the songstress since at that point in time, they had been together for several months when Elieve spilled the tea during a Dutch radio interview. But as she explained, she and Matthew were dating once upon a time, and he basically was dating Camila at the same time, without telling either of the girls it seems. Elieve was asked about her cover video of Camila’s song “Sangria Wine” and the interviewer brought up that she resembles the singer too, and that’s when she dropped the truth bomb.

“Camila and I were both dating the same guy at the same time. I’ve been compared to her since the beginning and so I have a lot of support from all the Fifth Harmony and Camila Cabello fans. When this came out, I thought nobody’s going to believe this. It happened in London when I was working on the singles,” Elieve said. “I met him and he was actually really great…a really smart guy, handsome. I guess it was just too good to be true. So when I came back from London I saw the paparazzi photos in Mexico with Camila. Isn’t it insane? I just hope they are happy and wish them the best.”

“I think he was dating us at the same time and when the pictures came out he couldn’t deny it any longer,” she continued. “When we were together we talked about the fact that I kind of look like her and he responded with, ‘She’s quite a fan of me.’ I said, ‘Oh, really?’ and he told me that he met her on Good Morning America. Well, I guess it was more than just fangirling. I didn’t like the way he handled this. I’m not that kind of girl and I’m not going to chase anyone.”

OH EM GEE, how wild is that? Elieve even shared the interview on her Instagram account.

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Okay now, girl came out strong with all those details. Granted, Matthew and Camila met on the set of the Today Show and not GMA, but still, Elieve’s side of the story seems legit. Neither Camila nor Matthew has spoken out about Elieve’s claims, and perhaps everyone involved just wants to forget this whole mess ever happened. We can’t help but wonder what Camila thinks about all this though!

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