If you've seen the trailer and/or promo appearances for Christopher Nolan's new Dunkirk movie, chances are your gaze has been averted away from Harry Styles (a very rare occurrence) towards his pal Fionn Whitehead. He's been sat next to Harry in all the interviews and, yeah, he's pretty bloody charming.

So who exactly is this guy who plays Tommy and how can we know essentially every minute detail of his life before he properly blows up in Hollywood? Well that's what we're here for, innit? Yup – prepare for an education in all things Fionn as he makes his big screen debut.

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How old is Fionn Whitehead?


Where is Fionn Whitehead from?

Surrey, England.

Does Fionn Whitehead have a girlfriend? Who's he dating?

As far as we're aware, he's single. He's a pretty private guy, though.

Are Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles friends?

Er, you could say that. In an interview with The Project Harry gushed over their bromance, saying: "I think the thing was that it was really exciting to kind of explore obviously the relationship between the two characters." Here for it.

Does Fionn Whitehead have Snapchat and what's his username?

If he does, it's not public. Sorry mate.

What's Fionn Whitehead's Instagram handle?

Again, not public. You'll find loads of great fan accounts to follow, though.

Does Fionn have siblings?

Yu-huh. Hattie, Maisy and Sonny. All quite brilliant names, really.

Who does Fionn Whitehead play in Dunkirk?

Tommy, and he's bloody brilliant in it.

What other films has Fionn been in, Dunkirk aside?

BBC Films drama The Children Act and TV mini-series HIM.

So there you go. Pretty much errrrything you could possibly want to know about Fionn. Christ, if we had a quid for every time we've said 'Fionn Whitehead' in this article we'd be rather rich indeed.

This post was written by Carl Smith. It originally appeared on our sister site, heat world.

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