The time has arrived: Harry Styles has attended the movie premiere for Dunkirk, the first feature he is starring in as a real actor. We know, we know. Harry along with his One Direction bandmates had a fancy premiere for their documentary, This Is Us, but this time around it’s just Harry all on his lonesome showing off his legit acting chops and as you would assume, he’s currently living his best life.

Let us take a look at the highlights, shall we? We have Harry making his arrival to the red carpet, like a total boss.

The cheers from his many adoring fans, the little wave, the smile. Speaking of smiles, we need to take a moment to cherish the precious bean that is Harry. He is cheesing from left and right out here.

We can most likely see all of his pearly whites and that is how Harry should be at all times. Plus, his lovely mom Anne Twist was there to support her son, so of course everyone is freaking out over this.

She, Harry and their entire family have been dealing with the recent loss of her beloved husband Robin, so seeing Mama Anne out and about, happily to be by Harry’s side on his big, yet very public, night shows how much of a truly amazing mom she is.

Oh, and did we mention that a literal prince showed up too?

prince harry dunkirk premiere

Yes, that’s red-haired cutie shaking the “Signs of the Times” singer’s hand is THE Prince Harry. Royalty showed up for Mr. Styles movie. Like he so rightfully deserves honestly.

But you know our H, always bring the jokes, never one to take himself too seriously. He joked on the red carpet that because of the film, he is a much better swimmer now since he did spend a ton of time filming scenes in the water.

“I’m better at swimming than I was when I started the film, for sure. I feel so free now when I’m in my trunks and not in the way and everything,” he said.

And what about his 1D family? Well, it doesn’t look like any of the guys were able to make it to the actual premiere, but Harry told reporters that he spoke to them all, and they’ve been rooting for him, just as ecstatic as the rest of the world is to see Harry up on the big screen

Liam Payne did take to Twitter though to share a sweet message to his bro for life that made our hearts actually melt.

Brb, sobbing forever.

Dunkirk doesn’t hit cinemas until July 20, so most of us still have a few more days until we see Harry transform into a solider, but we have a feeling this epic war film is going to be one everyone will remember.

Directed by the one and only Christopher Nolan and Harry is in it? Legends all around. We’re all proud of you already, H. You’ve come a long way from working in the bakery to full-blown superstar.

harry styles x factor

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