Tierney (right) with singer Jesse James!

Hey J-14ers!

I'm Tierney, the J-14 intern and I have so much to tell you guys! I've been having so much fun here and have gotten to do some really cool things so far.

Last week, singer Jessie James came in to the office and I got the chance to hang out with her. It was so weird because I had just seen the movie "Confessions of A Shopaholic" and heard this awesome song, "Blue Jeans." Turns out that it's Jessie's song! We ate pizza, looked at pictures of her adorable dog and even talked about our major crush on Robert Pattinson! I even found out she's a huge fan of J-14! She even knew our embarrassing moments rating scale, which she called the "girl with the pony-tail!" How cool is that?

On Monday, I got to meet Evan Taubenfeld, who used to be Avril Lavigne's lead guitarist. He came in to the office to play some of his new songs for us and he was so good! I loved his song "Boy Meets Girl." Did you know his younger brother, Drew, is in Demi Lovato's band? Talk about a talented family!

Also on Monday, I took a field trip into NYC with J-14 Editor, Emily. We went to Planet Hollywood in Times Square where Bow Wow was having his official hand print ceremony. Emily was cool enough to let me interview Bow Wow! I was so nervous because it was my first big celebrity interview, but Bow Wow was so nice and told me "he'd take it easy on me!" He was such a nice guy and had the cutest smile I've ever seen. We talked about his new album, New Jack City Part II, meeting Sasha and Malia and how he likes acting better than singing!

I've had such an amazing experience here at J-14! Every day just gets better and better! If you guys have any questions feel free to ask, I'd love to hear from you!

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