Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are freaking adorable and Miam shippers can’t wait to see what these two will do in 2018. They have yet to confirm that they are engaged for the second time, however, the ring on Miley’s finger kind of, sort of gives it away. Regardless of how much or how little these two share about their relationship, we still want to see them walk down the aisle and have kids someday. Oh yeah, and we’re not the only ones. Fans totally freaked out when Miley was photographed holding an adorbz baby with Liam by her side. She looked like a total natural and Liam was legit glowing. To be clear, this is not their baby even though we wish it was.

Watch the video and check out the super sweet snap of Miley holding a baby with her love Liam by her side.

This is everything! Miley and Liam’s bestie, Victor Cruz, was so excited to see the pair holding his child that he even hoped that the roles would be reversed one day. AKA that he could hold Liam and Miley’s future babe. One fan commented on Victor’s Instagram and said, “This is soooooo cute ❤ Miley and Liam would be such lovely parents ?.” However, others noticed a wedding band on her ring finger that was stacked against her rumored engagement ring and the fact that she seemingly looked pregnant.

But, those are just rumors. Victor’s daughter, Royal, steals the show here. And the fact that Miley and Liam look like they could be the most perfect family of three if they had their own child to hold. We’re just waiting for that day to come, to be honest.

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