Liam Hemsworth is all about making his relationship with Miley Cyrus super public now and we have no idea why. But, we don't hate it.

Miam has always been a notoriously private couple – like so private they never used to post photos of each other on social media. You'd think posting zero photos of you and your boyfriend would be really freaking sketchy, but that's just the way these two always were. Ever since Miley came out with her single, "Malibu," she really opened up about how the song was inspired by Liam and their life together. She honestly didn't even have to open up because fans can see on her face just how happy she is and hear it in her voice. Liam is finally letting the world know how he feels too.

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The Hunger Games actor posted a photo of the pair on Instagram with the caption, "My little angel and I."

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My little angel and I.

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This is literally the sweetest thing ever. But Miley didn't think so. But Demi Lovato did. Wait…what? Yes, you read that correctly. Demi totally ships Miley and Liam, and couldn't help but let them know in the comments section. First, let's talk about our girl Miley. She made it known that she was not a fan of this photo.

Not only did she comment on it and say, "Why. This. Picture lol," but she also re-gramed the photo herself. She captioned it simply, "Why."

So how does Demi play into this all? She commented on Miley's re-gram and said, "Wait this is so cute."

demi comment 2

Miley and Demi used to be really good friends way back when during their Disney Channel days. They have since drifted apart, and are usually not seen hanging out together. Both girls tend to stay out of the spotlight, but she really wants Miley to know how she feels. Maybe she's trying to rekindle their friendship?

Regardless, Demi is right. This is a super cute picture and it's pretty amazing how far Miley and Liam have come in terms of sharing what they have together. Obviously, it's a love story, as these two came back to each other after years of being apart. You know what they say, if it's meant to be, it will be. It looks like this was all meant to be.

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