No, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are not married yet. But, the Hunger Games actor sure sent Miam shippers into a tailspin when he was spotted wearing a wedding band on that finger. He was actually hanging out with Tish Cyrus in Kentucky when he was spotted with the bling. Sources told TMZ that even though this may look like an official symbol proving the couple tied the knot, they didn't.

Liam is currently working on a new movie in New York City called, Isn't It Romantic and it's quite possible that he flew down to Kentucky while he was on a break. It's also possible that his character could be married in the movie and he just forgot to take off the ring when he left the set. One thing is for sure, though, he's super close with the Cyrus family. Miley was in California when he made the trip down to their southern estate on the east coast. It just goes to show that these two really do consider each other family and he has no problem with visiting Miley's parents while flying solo.

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This all doesn't mean Miley isn't missing her man, though. She posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption, "We miss you @liamhemsworth ! ☀️?☀️?☀️ ( Dora's morning yawns are more like ROARS) ?."

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This is adorable. Now that we've gotten definitive proof that Miley and Liam have yet to walk down the aisle, we can only hope that they continue to be this open about their relationship after they have made it officially official. And hey, who knows, Miley might be about to expose a lot more about her relationship with Liam on her new album which she just announced called Younger Now.

The singer has gone through a major growth period in the past year and a lot of it has to do with Liam. She has even said that her single, "Malibu" is about their relationship and what he has shown her. Miley admitted she doesn't even know who she was anymore when she went through her twerking stage. Specific details about the album have yet to be released but judging by the title, we have a feeling we're going to see and hear a lot about her new life and how she transformed. Liam might be tricking us this time with a fake wedding band wrapped around his finger, but Miley means business when it comes to her music and fan should expect a deep dive into their lives. And maybe, just maybe a clue as to WHY they aren't husband and wife yet.

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