And she can't stop, and she won't stop. Miley Cyrus is officially working on new music…well, according to her dad Billy Ray Cyrus, that is. The Internet nearly exploded a few days ago when Billy Ray posted a photo of Miley in a white, frilly dress, which had a close resemblance to a wedding gown. Was he hinting at the fact that she and longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth had finally done the deed and gotten married?

Well, not so fast. Billy Ray took to two forms of social media to clear up the confusion. While fans hope that someday he'll spill the beans about a real marriage ceremony for Miam, that day is definitely not today.

Everything started because of this photo with the caption, "I'm so happy…you are happy." He then shared the photo again with the new message writing, "Whoa! Don't jump the gun. Been at work #StillTheKing Glad to see so many love @MileyCyrus the same as I do #happy."

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I'm so happy…you are happy @mileycyrus.

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Okay, so he may have cleared the wedding rumors up, but he started a few more of his on his own. What did he say this time? He alluded to the fact that Miley is ready to release new music. He tweeted, "Looks like it's time to rock n roll @MileyCyrus #happy Excited to hear more of the new stuff !!!!! Turn it loose!."

Oddly, this tweet has since been deleted. However, there's a theory that may connect this mysterious tweet to the photos of Miley in the white dress. First, he used #happy, which is the same word he used in his Instagram bringing the two together.

We have a feeling that Miley will actually be releasing new music, but Billy Ray may have let the word out way too quickly. The Instagram photos could have been a promo shoot or photo shoot for her new tunes. If fans look at it again, Billy's photo is taken from behind a real camera lens.

This means that Miley is back in front of the camera working on something that she has yet to disclose. One more clue that points to the fact that the "Wrecking Ball" singer could have a musical surprise for her fans is that, in the Instagram photo, she looks like she could be singing!

It sounds like Billy Ray tried to help his daughter by squashing stories that she's already married, but he definitely didn't get the world to stop talking about Miley. If anything, that tweet just makes everyone question her intentions with her music even more. Will she release something like her Bangerz album or will it be more like Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz? Fans are eager to find out. However, considering that Billy Ray deleted the tweet, it looks like we may have to wait awhile.

Until then one thing is for sure, Miley and Liam really aren't married yet. But boy, can she really pull off a white dress!


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