Some are our faves are the most followed celebrities on Instagram, and for good reason: we love living vicariously through their new hair color, brunch orders, and of course, hang out sessions with their famous friends. But in our social media travels we've wondered… which celebrity besties collectively have the most followers? We investigated six pairs of celeb BFFs to see who are the undisputed kweens (or kings? or king and kween?) of Instagram.

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We do realize, before we go further, that even though we're measuring Instagram followers, we're not necessarily measuring individual followers. There are definitely huge overlaps in fangirls. We're bad at math, but we're like, not that bad at math.

So what is the math?

Check out our graph below to see exactly where your fave celeb BFFs fall in terms of follower count!

celebrity instagram followers

As a technicality, Victorious co-stars (and still tight buds) Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gillies come in second place with the most collective followers. But that's definitely because at approximately 109.8 million followers, Ari is a serious social media breadwinner, making Liz her (beautiful, beautiful) Instagram trophy wife. Not that her numbers are anything to scoff at—Liz has about 4.5 million followers more than we do.

Meanwhile, Disney alumni Bella Thorne and Zendaya are slaying it hard between Bella's 15.8 million followers and Zendaya's 42.4(!!!) million followers. Their littler Disney Channel fam members Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter are pulling in smaller numbers with 5.1 and 12.3 million followers respectively.

There are 30.1 million followers between Nash Grier (10.9 million) and Cameron Dallas (19.9 million), which means a whole lot of oogling. And yet they're ever-so-slightly trumped by Camila Cabello (11 million) and Shawn Mendes's (22.5 million) collective 33.5 million followers. We ship it. We know you ship it, too.

But the bottom line? Nobody even comes close to Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. With Selena as the current #1 most-followed person on Instagram and Tay at a respectable #6, none of the other besties even come close to this pop princess power couple. Consider yourselves crowned!

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