Dear J-14 Magazine,

My boyfriend and I previously dated from August 2014 to July 2015 and then we got back together this past Halloween and everything was fine when we got back together he would have conversations with me, he would tell me he loved me and he missed me but now he won't all he says is ok or I don't care and he don't call me babe, baby or anything like that anymore and I don't know what to do.

From, Sierra

Hey Sierra!

Relationships are always hard especially when you've broken up and then end up getting back together. Trust is definitely a major factor and there's always that feeling that things could go wrong again. Let's face it, both people are on edge. And the worst part is that sometimes one person does want to end things for good and the other doesn't. Luckily, that's the worst that could happen and things can only go up now that we got that out of the way!

I don't think your boyfriend wants to end things completely again. Maybe he's just having trouble expressing his feelings this time around. Boys and even girls get confused in relationships. Maybe he likes being with you but because of the timing he just doesn't want something too serious right now. He could just have a hard time telling you this because he does care about you and doesn't want to upset you.

One thing you could do is bring it up casually to him but make sure it doesn't seem like you're attacking him and end up in a fight. Try telling him things like "I miss when you used to tell me how much you loved me" or "I like when you used to call me 'babe' around our friends." To be honest, boys don't think about things the way girls do so he could just have a lot on his plate at the moment and not realize that what he's doing is hurting you.

Something else you could do when he says he doesn't care about things, tell him you want to know his opinion. Relationships take hard work and he needs to know that you need his effort to make this whole thing run smoothly. You can't make all the decisions yourself even if it's something as simple as where to eat for lunch. There's no way he prefers a salad over some awesome chicken fingers and fries so get that out of him and do something he wants to do! Don't take the answer 'I don't care' as something acceptable. If he doesn't care about the small things you guys do together then it might be time for a more serious conversation. But for right now, he might just be in a funk and communication is key! Tell him what you miss and if he wants to make you happy, he will fix the problem! Good luck!

Xo, Alex

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