My Life with the Walter Boys is returning for season 2! The Netflix series has quickly become one of the most popular YA shows on the streaming platform, and is based off of a Wattpad story-turned book released in 2014.

Keep reading for everything we know about season 2.

Will There Be a Season 2 of ‘My Life with the Walter Boys’?

Netflix officially renewed My Life with the Walter Boys for season 2 on December 19, 2023.

“I am beyond thrilled that My Life with the Walter Boys has been renewed for a second season,” the show’s creator Melanie Halsall shared in a statement. “We have been overwhelmed by the love and support that the audience has given the show and can’t wait to dive back into the world of Silver Falls and the lives of these characters.”

The romance series follows a high school student named Jackie Wilson (played by Nikki Rodriquez) in the aftermath of a family tragedy, leading her to leave behind her life in Manhattan to rural Colorado — where she moves into the home of the Walters, a family of 10 sons. There, she meets studious Alex Walter (Ashby Gentry) and troubled Cole Walter (Noah LaLonde) — ultimately leading into a love triangle.

As the show is based off of a Wattpad story, Noah hilariously revealed that he actually read the entire book My Life with the Walter Boys is based on “sitting in this little booth in Panera Bread,” during an interview with J-14.

“It kind of opened up my world,” he recalled. “And when you read a book, you always start to go to visualization. You start to think of the characters, what they’re going to look like. In this case, I’m one of them, and I can locate the people that I need to put in my brain. So, that process of getting through that, then getting the scripts, then meeting everybody, it all just kind of slowly forms into this world that ended up being the best environment personally, professionally, ever.”

What Has ‘My Life With the Walter Boys’ Author Said of Season 2?

Ali Novak, the author of My Life With the Walter Boys, recently commented in a FAQ on her website about the possible future for the Netflix adaptation.

“In the past I’ve said there won’t be a published sequel. However, now that the show has been released on Netflix, I may or may not be working on something exciting! Keep your eyes peeled for exciting news by following me on Twitter and Instagram,” she wrote.

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