Natalia Dyer‘s style is so underrated. The Netflix star might be known for her long skirts, simple tops and ’80s curls in Stranger Things as her character Nancy Wheeler, but we think her personal style is *much* more interesting. Keep reading to see her best looks on the red carpet.

“My personal style is quite eclectic,” Natalia told InStyle in November 2019. “I really gravitate toward mixing feminine and androgynous elements, and I think Sandro [New York City clothing store] does that so well.”

Though the Nashville native’s style is certainly different than her ‘80s onscreen counterpart, she admits to “taking characters’ style choices home” with her. “She’s got some really good looks,” she said of Nancy, though, “not so much this season.”

She has even admitted her own regrets on not stealing one of the “most iconic Nancy looks” from set: a dark pink fur-lined jacket. “I now see people wear [it] and oh my gosh, I should have kept that jacket, it was so good,” she told the outlet.

ICYMI, Natalia also happens to be dating her Stranger Things costar Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan Byers. While the two often complement one another on red carpet premieres and events, Natalia revealed that it’s not done purposefully. “That’s literally never on purpose. You do see articles, and no, we didn’t,” she assured. “I feel like we would naturally go out of our way to not, but it just happens. Kind of a thing.”

When it comes to both date night and dressing for the colder months of the year, Natalia says she prefers to keep it “cozy.”

“I think the ideal is a cozy, candle-lit kind of restaurant, maybe a fun bar, just walking around. Somewhere where you can hear each other talk,” she said of her perfect night out.

As the temperature drops, the Yes, God, Yes actress relies on “Layers. So many layers. Eventually it gets to be like just marshmallow,” she laughed. “Everything that I can possibly get on my body. I’m very cold sensitive.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Natalia’s best red carpet moments.

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