Oh no! Nathan Kress just shared a message to his fans from the hospital. The iCarly star, who is now a husband and father, took to Instagram to let his fans now that he just underwent back surgery. And based on the looks of the photo, his spirits are high.

The actor wrote, “Alright, so here’s what been going on! Since around 2013-14, I’ve been having increasingly bad back pain, while doing the simplest stuff– driving, sitting cross-legged, even standing still in front of monitor while directing. Everything just hurt, all the time. So after a lot of procrastinating, lots of doctors visits and MRIs, and an incorrect diagnosis or two, I found out I actually had a pretty rare birth defect that placed my spinal cord under tension, and it was pulling on my nerves.”

nathan kress

Instagram, @nathankress

Finally, he’s getting the help he needs to get rid of the pain – he’ll just have to wait a while to see if the surgery was effective.

“So a couple days ago, I was finally able to get it taken care of! Surgery went well, but I wont know how effective it was until later. I’m in a decent bit of pain, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Right now I focus on recovery and getting my mobility back (with the help of my sexy walker). And to those living with constant, chronic pain: if you haven’t yet, please, please investigate. It took a long time to figure out what my deal was, but it was worth the effort. I never would have expected this issue, or that the solution would be so easy. You just never know!”

Nathan finished off his post by, of course, thanking his fans.

“Love you guys, thank you for the support,” he shared. “Good to know y’all have my back (hah!).”

It’s true – we’ll always have your back, Nathan!

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