One Direction fans are furious at Naughty Boy for throwing shade at the fandom! The producer, who some Directioners blame for Zayn Malik leaving the band, implied that the legions of fans who support 1D are "fake" and "doomed beyond belief."

In response, fans started the hashtag #SuspendNaughtyBoy, trying to show him that Directioners are not to be messed with.

Others are just upset that he insulted fans so much.

He seems to think the whole situation is just a funny joke. When a publication tweeted about the story, he responded with a laughing emoji.

While Naughty Boy can tweet whatever he wants, it's definitely not cool that he's making fun of all the Directioners who have supported his bestie Zayn over the years and into the new era of his life. It might seem trivial to him that they're so passionate about the band, but the guys have been a huge part of fans' lives!

Do you think Naughty Boy was out of line? How do you think Zayn feels about this situation? Click through to see pics of him hanging out with the producer, and sound off in the comments!

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