From starring in ZOMBIES 3 to Never Have I Ever, Terry Hu is quite the rising star! Keep reading to discover everything we know about Terry.

Terry, 26, is relatively new on the acting scene! They’ve starred in a few short films, but ZOMBIES 3 and Never Have I Ever are definitely their biggest roles to date. For those who don’t know, ZOMBIES 3 tells the story of extraterrestrial beings beaming down to Seabrook High on a quest to find a new home. Terry played A-Spen in ZOMBIES 3, the blue-haired leader of those aliens and Disney’s first live-action openly nonbinary character.

In an interview with Them, Terry explained the most meaningful fan interaction they’ve had so far following their debut as A-Spen. “There was this one teen that came up to me that was like, ‘I’m gay, and I just want you to know seeing this was so impactful. You are making a direct impact on people’s lives,’” Terry told Them in August 2022. “And I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ It’d been so long since we filmed, but now to see the response — it’s a lot to take in. I feel so grateful that sometimes I don’t know what to say besides thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Along with A-Spen, Terry also played Addison in season 3 of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, who is described as a “crazy hot non-binary person from the local private school, Addison brings more than just their impressive trivia skills to Devi’s friend group.” Throughout the season, it’s clear that Fabiola, one of the main characters, is crushing big time on Addison.

Not only are they super talented, but Terry is also super educated! The ZOMBIES 3 star graduated from UCLA in 2016 with a degree in neuroscience before getting into the acting biz. “I actually went to UCLA and majored in neuroscience. I was ready to go to physical therapy school,” they explained to Sweety High in July 2022. “After graduating, I got into schools, and I was about to go to either UCSF or Duke, but then I decided to defer. I thought, you know what? Let me just give acting one real chance. One real shot.”

They continued, “Genuinely, I was going to go to school, become a physical therapist, open up a clinic, and I planned to just do theatre on the side — which is fine! I could do community theatre. But I’m on a completely different path now — but I feel like maybe I was always meant to be on this path.”

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