Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Now that Devi made her choice between Paxton and Ben, is there more to come from the fictional high schooler? Never Have I Ever star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan sure does hope so!

“It is going to be interesting to see what happens next,” the actress told Entertainment Tonight in July 2021, following the second season premiere. “I have no idea because she is happy with Paxton and that’s happening officially. But, of course, Ben’s obviously going to still be a player in the game.”

The Netflix series — which also stars Darren Barnet, Jaren Lewison, Ramona Young and Lee Rodriguez — aired its first season on Netflix in April 2020, and fans immediately wanted more from the 16-year-old and her epic love triangle between the school heartthrob Paxton (played by Darren) and her former enemy Ben (played by Jaren). Once all 10 episodes of the second season finally hit the streaming service nearly a year after the first, viewers finally found out who Devi chose. It may seem like the love triangle has come to an end, but the stars have said in various interviews that there’s definitely more to come from their characters.

By now, it’s obvious that Devi and Paxton end up together after he confessed his feelings for her during the season 2 finale. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Darren admitted he was “a little bit surprised” about the turn of events in the last episode.

“She challenges him in ways that no one else does. And the most interesting thing may be how he copes with the public opinion of him dating someone that’s not on his social status per se,” the actor explained. “You even see it in the glance when he’s looking at his friends who are gawking at the idea of them being together. So, that’s got to be a lot to do with Paxton because he is a character that does care a lot about what people think. It’s going to be interesting.”

Netflix officially confirmed in August 2021 that there’s a third Never Have I Ever season on the way, the cast and showrunner Lang Fisher have a lot of ideas about where the story should go next.

“The biggest [question] is what’s Devi going to be like as an actual girlfriend in a real relationship with someone who’s much more experienced than she is?” Land told ET. “This has been her dream for the entire series. Day 1 she’s like, ‘We’ve got to get boyfriends.’ That’s all she’s wanted, and now she has one and he is the most popular boy in the school. What is that going to be like? Is it going to be the dream that she had always imagined it would be or will it be more complicated? And probably it will be more complicated than that.”

Scroll through our gallery for what the cast wants to see in a possible Never Have I Ever season 3. 

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