Ever since Never Have I Ever fans binge-watched the entire first season on Netflix after it premiered in April 2020, they’ve been hoping for more episodes. Well, the wait is almost over because season 2 is finally headed to the streaming service on July 15, 2021!

The brainchild of Mindy Kaling, the show starred Maitreyi RamakrishnanDarren Barnet, Darren Barnet, Jaren Lewison, Romona Young, Poorna Jagannathan, Lee Rodriguez and Richa Moorjani. It followed the story of a high school sophomore named Devi who plans to change her social status at school after tragedy struck her freshman year. Full of iconic characters and some pretty hilarious moments, Never Have I Ever immediately became a fan favorite.

The streaming service first confirmed that a second season was in the works in July 2020 with an Instagram video featuring the stars themselves. Before Maitreyi broke the big news to her costars, they all seemed to be fixated on the fact that she changed up her look and got bangs. “I got bangs but that’s not what I wanted to tell you guys,” she said. “It’s not about the bangs. I just wanted to tell you guys that Never Have I Ever has been renewed for Season 2.”

During a March 2021 interview with POPSUGAR, Maitreyi got real about how her “uniqueness” led to her acting career. “It’s given me the opportunity to expand the representation other young people are seeing on TV, and by seeing themselves and their life experiences, hopefully I’m finding a way to help others realize what’s unique to you is really an asset and a gift,” the young star explained, noting that she considers quirks her “secret weapons.”

“You can’t expect anyone else to do the heavy lifting for you and cheer you on when the times are rough because they might not always be there, but you’ve always got yourself,” she said.

Although the actress didn’t spill any tea on season 2, we love her self-love tips! Over the past few months, the cast and crew have been pretty tight-lipped when it comes to the show’s second season, some details have been released! From the release date to which original cast members stars are returning to the show, scroll through our gallery for everything you need to know about Never Have I Ever season 2. 

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