It’s no secret that Netflix’s brand new show Never Have I Ever has been taking the world by storm since its first season premiered on the streaming service on April 27, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Season 2!

Although the fan-favorite series hasn’t officially been renewed just yet, that doesn’t mean that cast hasn’t thought about what they want to see happen next with their character. That’s right, J-14 recently caught up with actress Hanna Stein, and she dished on her dream storylines for Shira in the show’s second season.

“I think it’d be interesting to see a little bit more of her backstory,” the 25-year-old said. “I think everyone has like a path that kind of shows why they are that person and they’re usually reasons you don’t expect.”

For those who missed it Hanna plays mean girl Shira, but as viewers know, “she’s not your typical mean girl.”

“She is kind of the self-absorbed social media, addict, ice queen girlfriend, but she adds such a different layer to Ben in the sense that, you know, you have this guy that looks all together and then he has this girlfriend that’s kind of ignoring him,” she explained about the character.

And although she doesn’t want to be outright mean to main character, Devi, in Season 2, Hanna does hope that the two high schoolers will get to interact more.

“It would be really fun to have, not a confrontation, but like an interaction with Devi,” she added. “I think it’d be interesting to see if she wasn’t mean to Devi but was like, ‘I’ve been through a tough time.’ Something to sympathize with her. But I just would love to the audience to learn more about her.”

Hanna continued, “I think it would be so interesting to see Paxton and Shira, I don’t really know how that would work cause Zoe is there, but I think that’d be really interesting twist and something that maybe would make [Devi and Ben] jealous. It’s human nature to get jealous and territorial, especially when you’re 16 with a lot of hormones. So, I feel like that’d be super interesting.”

As for if she’s team Paxton or team Ben, it turned out she’s team Ben for everyone — both her character and Devi.

“I feel like [Shira will] get jealous because he’s her property,” Hanna joked before explaining why she thinks Ben is perfect for Devi as the show goes on. “They just have the cutest interactions. I love their interactions. They were great and they’re really good friends in real life too, which is awesome. I think I’m team Ben. I think that relationship would be awesome to watch. I think they have a long way to go.”

Honestly, we’re so here for a love triangle storyline! Bring on Never Have I Ever Season 2.

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