It’s safe to say that much everyone is obsessed with the new “Animal Crossing” game. For those who missed it, Nintendo released the highly anticipated Switch game, called “New Horizons,” on March 20, 2020, and it was definitely an exciting day! The new game was monumental for many reasons — not only was it the first “Animal Crossing” console game the company has released in almost five years, but it also has Nintendo’s first ever LGBTQ characters.

For those who don’t know, “Animal Crossing” is an open-ended “social simulation” video game in which players explore and establish a home in a village of anthropomorphic animals. Fans quickly went into a frenzy when they noticed that one of the animals, a beaver named C.J., referred to a lizard named Flick as his “partner.”

Now, it’s unclear whether or not they’re romantic partners or business partners, but many fans have speculated that this is Nintendo’s first gay character, and they’re pretty excited about it. Another animal, a cat named Merry, even mentioned a same-sex couple during the game.

Yep, Merry told players that she’s a “huge comic fan” before she asked them what kinds of comics they like reading. If players responded with “romantic comedy,” Merry said, “YES! Romantic comedies! Ohmigosh, I didn’t know anybody else read those comics but me! My favorite’s about the shred-tastic Princess of Rocketboarding and her true love, the Princess of Explosions! They search the world for each other but HILARIOUS stuff always keeps them from happiness. Like, one time, a wizard swapped their minds! So they were together… But also further apart than ever! Eventually, they fooled the wizard a bunch and got their own brains back. It was hilarious AND romantic.”

“ANIMAL CROSSING SAID LESBIAN RIGHTS,” one fan tweeted, with another adding, “Wow, I feel Animal Crossing has quickly become one of Nintendo’s most inclusive franchises… And I’m all for it.”

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