Nia Sioux has another project under her belt. At this point, should you even be surprised? While you first fell in love with the starlet on Dance Moms, she also sings, acts, and can now add clothing designer to her resume. Nia recently released a collection with Popular Poison, full of comfy tees, hoodies, and crop tops with empowering messages. In this exclusive Q&A with J-14, the 16-year-old multihyphenate dishes on how she launched the clothing line. She even spills on working with her boyfriend, Bryce Xavier, who also has a collab with the brand.

J-14: How did your collaboration with Popular Poison come about?

Nia Sioux: I was working on a PSA video about pet rescue adoption that was sponsored by a nail polish company called Nail & Bone. I became acquainted with the Popular Poison brand because they were also connected to the project. That initial introduction sparked this incredible collaboration! You never know how networks overlap and lead to future opportunities.

J-14: Have you always wanted to design clothing?

Nia: I am a creative person and I always loved the idea of designing clothes. It was a matter of waiting for the right opportunity! My collaboration with Popular Poison came at the right time, so I am fortunate that I am able to pursue my dream.

J-14: Can you speak about the process of designing the collection? What was your inspiration?

Designing a collection was a ton of fun! I love motivational messages in general, so I wanted to incorporate positive and bold messaging on the clothing. Popular Poison enthusiastically embraced my vision about the positive messaging on the shirts which made me really happy. I was also able to share my ideas about all details — including the colors, fonts, and fabric. There are so many different combinations to consider. Since I am a dancer by training, I live in T-Shirts and leggings. Comfort is a key component to my lifestyle, but I still want to be fashionable. My Popular Girl Collection allows me to blend style and comfort.

J-14: Your clothing line has a lot of amazing messages like “self-love,” “real queens fix each other’s crowns,” and “be you AF.” Why is it important to you promote such a positive message for young women?

Nia: It’s important to me that girls support girls. I think growing up is hard to do as it is and if we all help each other out by spreading positivity it takes some of that negativity away.

J-14: Are there any messages that have an important meaning to you personally?

Nia: There are so many that have such great messages, but I think the self-love and humble hoodies are especially important to me. I am a fairly humble person so I connect with that simple statement. Of course, I am all about self-empowerment so the self-love message strikes a chord with me.

J-14: Do you have a favorite piece from the collection (or one you find yourself going back to time and time again)?

Nia: There are so many pieces that I love it is hard to pick a favorite. But I must admit the foil roses and tie-dye styles are personal favorites.

nia sioux bryce xavier popular poison
Courtesy of Popular Poison

J-14: Your boyfriend Bryce also has a collection with Popular Poison! Did you talk about it together? Is it important for you to be with someone who’s supportive of all of the projects you have going on?

Nia: As soon as the opportunity for my collection was in development I was so excited to tell Bryce! He’s always super supportive of everything I do and it makes me so happy to see both of us doing what we love and going after our dreams. We are both in the industry and we share similar interests. It is cool to have someone who is not competitive with you but wants the best for you. We want the best for each other and I am happy we get to do the Popular Poison project together. That is really special.

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