Up until now, none of the guys from One Direction have acknowledged Louis Tomlinson's son Freddie and it has become quite alarming. Of course, we have to assume that they congratulated Louis on the birth or just asked how the babe was doing but that has all been kept private.

However, leave it up to Niall Horan to be the first heartthrob to comment publicly on Freddie's existence and his future as a musician! Louis posted a photo on Instagram playing the guitar and Freddie's tiny hand is visible – seriously, it's making our hearts melt.

Ahhh-mazing! So where does Niall come in? The Irish superstar actually commented on the photo and said, "That a boy Freddie son."

Aww! This is beyond cute and just goes to show how much the boys still keep in touch. Whether they like to show it or not, we can tell by Niall's message how involved they are in each other's lives even if they aren't together everyday. Now all we need is a photo of Niall and Freddie and the world will be complete!

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